Premier League 2018/19 Preview and Bets

By | August 6, 2018

Less than a week to go until the new Premiership season starts. We had a flavour of whats to come with Manchester City's 2-0 win over Chelsea in the Community Shield. City are the team to beat and its going to be hard to see who can beat them.

Outright Premiership 2018/ 2019
Current odds at Bet365 look like this

Manchester City 1.66
Liverpool 5.00
Manchester United 8.00
Chelsea 13.00
Tottenham 17.00
Arsenal 21.00

After that, it gets into the Lecister City territory with Everton at 250/1, Wolves 250/1 and Leicester themselves at 300/1. Given city won the league at a cantor last season, I cannot see them not winning it again. Liverpool might run them relatively close but they are not consistent enough to close the gap. I'd still be expecting City to win the league with a double digit points difference.

Top Goal Scorer

Current odds at Bet365 look like this

Harry Kane 3.5
Mohammed Salah 6.00
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 7.5
Sergio Aguero 7.00
Romelu Lukaku 9.00

The price on Kane looks a bit too short for me. I much prefer Aguero at 7.0. If he stays fit, thats a great price. Salah did brilliantly last season but surely that was just a one off and he will revert to the average this season. He'll be up there but won't be breaking any records.

Combining both of those bets, you can get City and Aguero at 13.00. Thats actually really good value as the bets are dependent. If City win the league is quite likely that Aguero will score a lot of goals. If you did the double you'd get 11.62 so getting 13.00 is great. Compare with Salah and Liverpool. Thats only 17.00 whereas the double is 30.00.

To be relegated

Cardiff 1.66
Huddersfield 2.10
Fulham 3.00
Watford 3.00
Brighton 3.5
Burnley 5.0
Bournemouth 5.5
Newcastle 6.00
Crystal Palace 6.00
Southampton 8.00
West Ham 8.00
Wolverhampton 8.00

The one that interests me is Southampton. 8.00 is a cracking price. They barely scraped through last season and 8.00 makes them joint 10th favourite to go down. Other tham that, I have no opinion.

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